Feel Good Law of Attraction Tactic

Here’s a feel good Law of Attraction tactic that can help you feel more empowered at just about any time you choose. We all have those times when we feel down but read on to learn a neat trick that can help you turn your mood around.

A Feel Good Law of Attraction Tactic

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Years ago I was feeling a bit down and went to see the movie Legally Blonde by myself. While I enjoyed the movie, the final song really perked me up. It was an up tempo, with catchy positive lyrics. “It’s a perfect day; Everything is going my way…” I left the theatre singing that song with a big smile on my face. And my mood stayed good all night. The next day good things happened that I believe I attracted with my positive vibration as I continued singing that song.

When that movie was on TV, I taped it, not because I want to watch it a lot but I have it cued to the end. Sometimes when I’m feeling my vibration getting negative, I play the end of the movie and sing along with that song. It always changes my mood for the better! Shifting your thoughts to pleasant ones can make your vibration more positive quickly.

When you’re feeling negative, or down, find your happy place. Just shifting your thoughts to one you like can make a big difference in how you feel. Small things that bring a smile to your face or warm your heart also can replace a negative vibration – IF you allow it to!

Source: Daylle Deanna Schwartz @ http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lessonsfromarecoveringdoormat/2012/07/law-of-attraction-in-action-changing-your-vibration.html#

Think that tactic is a little limited? Not when you take into account the technology we all carry in our pockets in the form of smart phones.

Why not record some music or even video clips onto your phone so that you can use them as a feel good Law of Attraction tactic at any time you might need a little something extra to pick up your mood.

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  • d3 gold

    Heya, first time here. I came across this post and went on to read the full article at the site you linked to. and I found the technique really useful & it helped me out a lot.

  • niaga

    Thanks for this wonderful post. This is a really nice story and it just goes to show how much control we really have over our attitude if we only try to make a change to it consciously.

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